An Introduction to Paintball and How To Play It

Paintball is a very exciting sport which has gained much popularity in the recent years. Today, almost everyone has played or at least knows what paintball really is.

It is an unsophisticated, harmless yet an intriguing game which can be played with any number of people. Though those who see this sport for the first time might seem to think of it as something for just kids, the fact is that it is just as popular with the grownups too.

The game is played between two teams, each with their own members. For this reason, the sense of competition is so fierce that it immediately pulls in viewers of all age groups. Even those who are not playing the game find it very thrilling to witness.

There are several different types of paintball games and the most popular and common one is “capture the flag”. The main objective of the game is for the teams to try and reach to the opponents’ base in order to steal the flag or the other team while defending your own flag.

There could be several different versions of this game with obstructions like old cars, hays, fortresses and tires. All of this gives the game a real combat feel which is why it is so popular today. It is full of action and fast paced.

In fact, it is one of those games in which people of all age groups and women especially seem to love paintball. You can have your own team strategies and techniques and where else can you really use guns on someone else in real life without risking having to go to jail?

How do you play paintball?

Paintball is an outdoor game and it can be most fun when it is played on a large playing field. There are a few indoor arenas but outdoors is always fun. Every player will get an air gun and there would typically be two teams.

The teams usually have to play the game of capturing the flag. Each of these teams will have arm bands of different colors, they have to go out into the enemy territory and try to capture the flag of the other team.

The objective is to capture the other team’s flag, bring it back to your own base and to touch it to your team’s flag in the given time. There could be a few things which might get you eliminated like getting hit with a paintball and having it splat on you. If you are eliminated, the referees will ask you to leave the game.

The paintballs themselves are spherical marble sized containers that hold paint and have a hard shell. The guns launch the paintball and every player must expect to get a few times with the paintball during a playing session. Usually, it doesn’t hurt but would leave a little redness on the skin.

Paintball is a fun game for any age group. It can be an exciting game for anyone who loves combat and likes the rush of being in an action packed fast paced game.