outdoor herb garden design

Structured Layout You Can Try for Your Herb Garden Design

Herb garden design presents with various attributes that can take a long time to discus one by one in detail. However, if you want to make herb garden on your own, it is better for you to draw your intended layout before directly jump to the action. You see, layout helps you to arrange your plants in structural way. That is why think it of first before you really arrange […]

mediterranean garden design

Turn Your Side Yard with Mediterranean Garden Design

Mediterranean garden design has certain element that is often used in various kinds of garden design idea. This element is gravel, small rounded stones that are mixed with sand. Why not turn your small side yard with this design idea? With such great and famous design, even small plain space can turn into a nice-looking place for resting or just enjoying its nice sight to freshen up your mind. Debora […]

courtyard landscape designs

Classic Courtyard Garden Design by Southern Living

Courtyard garden design is one of the ways to maximize the space you have in your yard. Don’t just let it empty as a vast grassy land if you want to make your house to be in total amazement for the ones who see it. The design for courtyard garden varies greatly and all appear to be nicely arranged, thus leaving you in astonishment. Let the writer show you its […]

tropical gardens

Get Yourself Out of Stress with Tropical Garden Design

Tropical garden design is indeed a design which is made by tropical touch in every of its nook and cranny. In tropical garden ideas, you will often bump into Bali-inspired garden for it has been known that Bali is a famous tropical island. Speaking about the plants in this design, it has been its trademark for having various kinds of palm tree and you will often see other tropical plants […]

vegetable garden design ideas

Vegetable Garden Design with Tidy Arrangement

Vegetable garden design nowadays is pretty interesting to try on your own garden. If you have spare place that you don’t know what you can do with it, then the best way to change it is to make it into vegetable garden. It can be useful in many ways, but for it to be able to look nicely designed, you need to think of tidy arrangement for it. Want to […]

basement ceilings ideas

Rich and Modern Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement ceiling ideas are the ones that you should look up from various sources and references to design your basement ceiling. Even if it is only a basement, if you want to make it into another living space, you need to change it into something other than being storage room. You know, there are many modern houses nowadays that have modern basement as well. In order to be compatible with […]

unfinished basement ideas on a budget

Maximize Your Home Design with Unfinished Basement Ideas

Unfinished basement ideas are one consideration you can take to maximize your home design, especially your basement. Leaving your basement to be used for storing things will not be an interesting thing to do. In fact, it might look untidy since for the place that is intended for storage room, its design might not be thought of at all. That is why many designers come up with ideas for unfinished […]

modern plant stands indoor

Make the Greenery in with Plant Stands Indoor

Plant stands indoor are the smartest way you can choose to let the greenery exist inside your house. Although plants are outdoor beings, they are always able to freshen up the atmosphere inside the house. Well, it is because plants look fresh for they have natural attribute to begin with. Letting them in will turn your house into a nice-looking one, but what kinds of indoor plant stands we can […]